Microsoft web browser returns to Mac (early developer build)


After a long absence from the Mac Microsoft has released a developer version of Microsoft Edge for Mac web browser.

The last web browser Microsoft released for Mac was way back in 2003. Apple had released it’s Safari web browser earlier that year and the Internet Explorer for Mac software was not well maintained. Apple had a short lived version of Safari on Windows but this was abandoned in 2012.

Microsoft announced that it is migrating all the desktop version of it’s Edge web browser to the Chromium engine which is the same open-source engine that Google uses for Chrome. This makes it easier for them to bring the browser to macOS as the Chromium platform already exists on Mac.

Microsoft Edge browser for Mac
Microsoft Edge web browser for Mac

With Chrome having an overwhelming lead in web browser usage it will make the Edge browser much more compatible with current website standards and design.

There are two builds available: a weekly more stable build and a the bleeding edge latest release (Canary build). Both are still in development and are likely to include bugs.

The browser lets you import your favourites from other browsers and sign into your Microsoft account to sync your browsing data with Windows or other devices running the Edge browser.