How to stop Siri accidentally activating on Apple Watch


Siri can be a useful feature on Apple Watch but can easily be activated unintentionally by the Digital Crown.

If you are like me you love your Apple Watch but get frustrated by Siri activating when you bend your wrist and the top of your hand presses the Digital Crown. For example when leaning on a table.

Apple has not made it possible to disable activating Siri by the Digital Crown but you can make it a lot less likely.

Now this is not a perfect solution and has it’s own drawbacks but it works after you give it a week or so to get used to the change. We are going to switch the side of the watch that the Digital Crown is on.

  • Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone
  • While on the My Watch tab tap General
  • Tap Watch Orientation
  • Change the Digital Crown Orientation from Digital Crown on Right Side to Digital Crown on Left Side (or visa versa)
  • Adjust your watch band to compensate
Apple Watch app – Watch Orientation Settings

For the first week or two it will take a little getting used to the buttons being on the other side of the Apple Watch but I have found it a lot less frustrating than Siri.

Cover Image: Kārlis Dambrāns