How to use Continuity Camera in macOS Mojave


Apple has expanded the Continuity features in macOS Mojave to allow you  to take photos (or scan document) on iPhone or iPad with them immediately available on your Mac.

Awesome, but what’s Continuity?

It is a set of features that allows you to continue tasks you start on one device on another. Some of the features Apple classes under the Continuity umbrella:

  •  Make & receive phone calls from you iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.
  • Edit a document or email on one device & finish it elsewhere.
  • Automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch.
  • Copy and pasting images, video & text between your iOS & Mac devices.
  • Receive & send SMS across your devices.
  • AirDrop to transfer files between devices.
  • Instant Hotspot to share your mobile connection with other devices.

Good times but what is Continuity Camera?

Apple has extended the above to allow you to take photo (or scan a document) with it being instantly available on your Mac.

Continuity Camera currently works in the Finder, Mail, Messages, Notes, Pages, Keynote and Numbers. 

  1. Go to the Insert menu and select Import from iPhone or iPad

  2. The Camera app will launch on your iOS device.

    Continuity Camera Insert Photo

  3. Take the photo on your iPhone. 

  4. Once you are happy select Use Photo (or Keep Scan for documents)

    If you are scanning documents you can scan additional pages and select save.

Image Source: Apple