Google Maps adds Aussie EV Charging Stations


Google has added a comprehensive list of electric vehicle charging stations across Australia to Google Maps on iOS.

In Australia Google has included EV charge station data provided by ChargePoint, Tesla & Chargefox.

The charging station information is currently only available within the Google Maps app on iOS (& Android) but will be rolling out tot he desktop version in the coming weeks.

To find them search for “EV charging stations” and the results will include the business where the station is located, the types of ports available, charging speeds and how many ports are available.

Google Maps is now available on CarPlay which will make finding a local charging station easy in your fully electric or plugin hybrid car.

Tesla Superchargers & Destination Charges

Tesla has around 22 operational Superchargers in Australia with another 16 flagged as coming soon.

They also list over 250 destination charger partners available. Destination Charging locations are usually hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres across the country.

ChargePoint & Chargefox Charging Networks

ChargePoint details over 300 charging spots around Australia on their website.

Chargefox bills itself as Australia’s largest open EV network and advises it has over 330 plugs across Australia & New Zealand.