Samsung tells pre-orders to expect refunds for its failed foldable phone


Samsung revealed a foldable smartphone at a press event in February to much fanfare. It’s defining feature was 7.3-inch display that folded in half.

Samsung announced a release date for the mobile device of April 26 but after the units sent to press began to fail within a couple of days of use the company has delayed (or likely cancelled) the phone.

After many videos and images of the failed Samsung Galaxy Fold began to circulate Samsung abruptly requested all review units to be returned. They have also now advised people that have pre-ordered the phone that if it doesn’t ship by the end of the month they should expect their orders cancelled.

Many believe the phone is beyond saving, that it has been cancelled all together and to expect a refund. Samsung has blamed the failures on the removal of a protective plastic that many reviewers assumed should be removed.

A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review. We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided. We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter. Separately, a few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen. The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage. We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.


Despite all the issue the Samsung Galaxy Fold remains available for pre-order on the Sam