It’s iPhone XR Launch Day & the Reviews are Out!


Apple has shares a list of favourable reviews before the launch today in the hope that you will pick up a shiny new iPhone XR.

Pre-orders from Apple and the Australian mobile carriers will start arriving today and if you are lucky you may be able to pick one up in store. 

The reviews are all of course glowing for the new iPhones. (Australia)
“It certainly does feel fast and responsive, being able to launch, run and switch between data heavy apps with impressive speed.”

Digital Trends
“The colors are stunning, battery life is great, Face ID is still industry-leading technology, iOS gestures are intuitive, the camera is superb, and performance is fantastic. This is the iPhone to buy.”

Daring Fireball
“Dollar for dollar, the [iPhone] XR is almost certainly the best iPhone Apple has ever made.”

Tom’s Guide
“iPhone XR delivers fast performance, great cameras and longer battery life than other flagship phones, all in a colorful and affordable package.”

“The iPhone XR is the Goldilocks of iPhones with a big screen, fantastic cameras, and future-proof power.”

“[iPhone] XR arguably offers the best blend of size and usability. Build quality is up to Apple’s usual standards, which is to say it’s impeccable.”

The Verge
“Apple’s also done some extremely detailed work to make the rounded corners of the LCD perfectly match the corners of the phone itself — work I desperately wish other companies would do.”

“Even though the [iPhone] XR is Apple’s mid-range iPhone, the feel is very much that of a piece of nicely crafted jewelry. It’s weighty, with a gorgeous 7-layer color process laminating the back of the rear glass, giving it a depth and sparkle that’s just unmatched in consumer electronics.”

“The [iPhone] XR takes beautiful shots in Portrait Mode, which gives you the ability to change background depth. It also includes Smart HDR, allowing you to snap multiple pictures at different exposures at the same time to get the best photo.”

Best Products
“We found the iPhone XR to be quite excellent, as well as all the smartphone most consumers will ever need. It has more processing power than any competitor, exceptional battery life, and a fantastic camera.”

Techradar (UK)
“The camera will be an upgrade, the battery life a welcome salve and the overall design a step forward.”

Auburn Lane (Canada)
“You’ll love, love, love the features with the Advanced Portrait Mode that offers modes include Stage Light Mode that blackens out the background. The all-new Depth Control lets you adjust the depth of field even after you’ve shot your image making your photos richer and even more spectacular.”

PC Mag (India)
“You’re getting a truly superb phone which does everything with a considerable degree of expertness. Pound for pound, this makes it the best mainstream flagship phone in the market.”

Source: Apple