Toyota’s RAV4 is its first in Australia to include CarPlay


The latest Toyota RAV4 went on sale last week and will be the first Toyota in Australia to include Apple’s CarPlay but not right away.

Purchasers of the new RAV4 will need to take their car into a dealership in Q4 this year to get a free upgrade. The upgrade will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Toyota says the new generation Corolla hatch and Camry sedan can be upgraded to include Apple CarPlay but this will be at an extra cost.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be rolled out progressively as a standard feature across select Toyota models from the fourth quarter of 2019 onwards…

Toyota Australia
Apple CarPlay in US Toyotal Corolla
Apple CarPlay in US Toyotal Corolla

Mazda announced a similar CarPlay rollout last year including the ability to upgrade models back to 2013. No pricing for upgrades to CarPlay has been announced by Toyota but Mazda has been charging its customer $495.

Nissan is now the last of the top 10 Australian car makers to announce plans for CarPlay.

Toyota – Apple CarPlay