2019 iPhone Rumours – OLED & Triple Lens Cameras


Mac Otakara today reported that Apple plans to launch two brand new 2019 iPhone models with triple lens cameras. The new iPhones would be in addition to updated versions of iPhone XR, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max. 

They reference reliable Chinese supply chain sources for their production of two new OLED iPhone models. The new OLED displays will measure in at 6.1 and 6.5 inches.

They will both included previously rumoured triple lens cameras which is expected to achieve advanced 3D sensing, better optical zoom and improved low-light performance.

Mockups of rumoured new 2019 iPhone models

The larger camera’s will result in a thicker iPhone with the 6.1 inch model expanding by 0.15mm over the existing iPhone XS. The camera bump will thankfully see a 0.5mm reduction in protrusion. While the 6.5 inch model will see a 0.25mm increase in thickness and a 0.25mm reductions or the camera bump compared to the iPhone XS Max.

Previous rumours have suggested that the three lens camera will be included in the updated iPhone XS Max model this year which seems like a more traditional Apple update path.

Previous rendering of expected updates to iPhone XS Max model