Detailed leak of upcoming iOS 13 new features arrive before WWDC


Apple is expected to unveil new versions of iOS, macOS tvOS & watchOS at WWDC on the 3rd of June. A detailed leak of the expected new features has leaked with less than a month to go.

Reliable leaker Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has spilled the beans on what to expect in iOS 13. The updates will focus on some core iPhone apps including Maps, Reminders and Messages.

  • The new iOS is codenamed Yukon and will include speed improvements and bug fixes.
  • Dark mode will arrive on iOS! It will be possible to enable it from the Control Centre.
  • A new feature to allow iPads to be used as an external display for your Mac and with the Apple Pencil a tablet interface for drawing on Mac.
  • Messages will see the inclusion of profile pictures and display names including privacy settings to restrict their display. There will be some enhancements to make it easier to share Animoji & Memoji.
  • Apple is testing a new keyboard feature that allows you to swipe across letters to type out words similar to what has been available in Android for some time. This may not make it into the final release.
  • The Health app will include a redesigned interface, new hearing health section and menstrual tracking.
  • The Reminders app will see a redesign to bring it into feature comparison with competitors on the market.
  • Screen Time will see a new feature limiting who can be contacted at certain times.
  • The Books app will see a redesign including a new progress indicator and rewards system.
  • Maps will see the addition of groups of frequent locations and making it easier to add them.
  • The Find my Phone & Find my Friends apps will be consolidated into a single app. There are some unconfirmed reports of a dongle that could be released to track other items like backpacks, etc.
  • The mail app will see better folder management and improved ability to mute or block incoming emails.
  • A new Sleep Mode will extend the current Bedtime feature to put your devices into Do Not Disturb, darkens the Lock Screen and mutes all notifications. It is also expected to link into sleep tracking functions in the next Apple Watch.
  • The Home app will provide better camera and historical recording support.
  • HomePod is expected to include multi-user support by recognising different voices.
  • A redesigned share sheet including recommending people to share with based on your history.

Source: Bloomberg