iPad Pro 3 expected to ditch Lightning for USB-C


The rumours continue to circulate about the iPad Pro that is expected to launch at next weeks There’s more in the making event.

In what is certain to cause an uproar Apple is expected to change the connector on the iPad Pro from a Lightning connector to USB-C.

This will mean that the new iPad Pro cables can not longer be shared with your iPhone and a large number of accessories will no longer work.

The new USB-C connector is expected to allow faster data transfers, faster charging, 4K video and wider accessory support (eventually).

iPad Pro Mockups | Image Source – Benjamin Geskin

We would expect that this would be the beginning of a transition to USB-C across all Apple devices including iPhones. The current MacBook & MacBook Pro models already use USB-C for charging and connectivity. The iMac & iMac Pro also have USB-C for connectivity.

The rumours were reinforced by Mac Otakara who heard “talk” from manufacturers attending the Global Source Mobile Electronics Trade Fair.

iPad Rumour Wrap Up


The new iPad Pro models are rumoured to feature a TrueDepth camera system for Face ID including in landscape mode.

iPhone X Styling

No home button will be included and it will feature a slimmer bezel allowing for a larger display size in the same footprint.

New Apple Pencil

A new Apple Pencil is expected to launch alongside the new iPads but the only feature rumoured seems to be auto pairing by proximity.

No Headphones & Speed Bumps

In line with Apples other iOS devices the iPad Pro is also expected to loose its headphone port. Faster charging and processor speed bumps are also expected.

Bye Bye iPad Mini

The iPad Mini (like it’s Mac Mini counterpart) has been neglected for a while and hasn’t had a major update since 2015. It is sadly expected to quietly be discontinued.

Image Source – Benjamin Geskin