New iPad Pro rumours continue…


The rumours of an updated iPad Pro to be released at a yet unannounced October event continue.  The new iPad Pro is said to align with the iPhone X styling with a few new additions.

The first iPad Pro was introduced in September 2015 and introduced the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil.

The current iPad Pro (second edition) was released in June 2017 and introduced the 10.5 inch model.

Face ID, Home Button & Style

The new models are rumoured to include Face ID and remove the home button.  Face ID is also rumoured to work in both portrait and landscape mode on the new iPad Pros.

This would also allow for slimmer bezels and similar styling to the iPhone XS. Slimmer bezels and the lack of home button will allow for a larger screen in the same footprint.

Apple Pencil

A new version of the Apple Pencil is also rumoured to be released which will be paired to the iPad Pro by its proximity like AirPods currently are.

New Magnetic Connector

The smart connector will be replaced with a new magnetic connector on the back of the iPad which will support a new Apple keyboard and other accessories.

USC-C may replace Lightning

There are also rumours that the new iPad Pro will replace the Lightning connector with a USB-C port. This will undoubtedly cause many complaints as you won’t be able to share chargers between iPhone and iPad anymore.

It could open up the possibility to additional accessories like external hard drive support and 4K video displays.

Image Source: Tatsuo Yamashita