3d printed head fools Android face recognition but not iPhone


Forbes has conducted a series of tests to see if they can fool smart phone facial recognition with a 3d printed head.

The head was created in the UK using a 50 camera setup to create a realistic 3d head.

They then tested the LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung S9, Samsung Note 8, OnePlus 6 and the iPhone X.

All of the Android phones were defeated by the 3d head but some required specific angles and lighting making it more difficult. The LG & Samsung specifically warn their users that facial recognition is less secure.

Apple iPhone FaceID 3D printed head
3d printed head used in testing facial recognition

Apple includes IR depth mapping and attention awareness technology in its FaceID adding extra layers of protection.

Face ID has, however, been fooled in the past by identical twins and elaborate face masks.

Source: Forbes

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