A couple of iPhone XS bugs


Reports of two issues with Apple latest iPhones have started surfacing. Over aggressive photo skin smoothing and a charging issue.

Photo Skin Smoothing Issue

Reports have surfaced of Apple applying aggressive skin smoothing on photos taken from the front facing camera. The effect is being described as looking like a bad Photoshop job.

At this stage there does not seem to be an way of disabling the “feature” but Apple is said to already be working on a fix.

iPhone Fails to Start Charging when Screen is Off

A second issue seems to be affecting a number of users of new iPhones where the iPhone will not commence charging if the screen is off when first plugged in. 

The iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max will begin charging by tapping the screen to turn it on and will continue once started whether the screen is on or not.

The issue is already being referred to as ChargeGate.

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