AirPower rumoured to be in production


Apple’s long ago announced wireless charging matt is rumoured to be in production and releasing shortly.

Apple announced AirPower back in 2017 with the  iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The wireless charging matt was promoted as an all-in-one power delivery solution for iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods.

An updated AirPods wireless charging case was shown off during the announcement for AirPower but has also failed to launch. The updated case would be expected alongside a release of AirPower.

The rumour is sourced to DigiTimes who have a relatively reliable history of rumours in Apple’s Asian supply chain. Their history regarding product launches has been a little less reliable.

There were rumours that AirPower would launch alongside the iPhone XS and iPhone XR last year but was delayed due to some production issues.

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