Apple adding Films to its Upcoming Streaming Service


Apple has signed a deal with Oscar winning indie studio A24 to produce new movies for its upcoming streaming service.

Apple is rumoured to release a streaming service in over 100 countries next year. There are many of TV shows already known to be in production but few movies.

There are also rumours of at least some of the content being available for free to those with Apple hardware and Apple’s TV app which is currently available on Apple TV and iOS.

A24 films include Moonlight, Room, The Witch, Ex Machina, The Spectacular Now, It Comes at Night, Lady Bird, The Disaster Artist and Hereditary.

A24 won a best picture Oscar for Moonlight, Best Actress for Room and received many nominations.

It is not an exclusive deal with Apple and A24 will continue to produce and release films for other companies.

Source: Variety

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