Apple to oppose proposed Aussie encryption backdoor


Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook will be lobbying the Australian government to stop a proposed law to allow law enforcement to bypass encryption.

The new law is part of a “Five Eyes” nations, a group consisting of Australia, Canada, US, UK and New Zealand that share intelligence with each other, push to gain access to encrypted communications.

Juice Media has released a video satire of the government proposals.

The Juice Media

The proposed law would introduce the following:

  • Technical Assistance Notices, which are compulsory notices for a communication provider to use an interception capability they already have.
  • Technical Capability Notices, which are compulsory notices for a communication provider to build a new interception capability, so that it can meet subsequent Technical Assistance Notices.
  • Technical Assistance Requests, similar to the compulsory notices above but not mandatory.

The proposed bill suggests a fine of up to A$10 million for companies and institutions who do not comply. Individuals could be imprisoned if they refuse.

This continues Apple and other tech companies efforts to oppose similar measures in the UK & UK in the name of National Security.

Access Now has created a petition to the members of the Australian Parliament if you would like to:

  1. Publicly affirm your support for strong encryption.
  2. Reject any law, policy, or mandate that would undermine our security.

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