Apple Watch survives for six months in Pacific Ocean


A surfer from Huntington Beach, California has recovered an Apple Watch in working order that he lost while surfing in the Pacific Ocean six months earlier.

The Apple Watch was pulled from his wrist while surfing and while he looked for an hour he was unable to find it. He then turned on Lost Mode and included his contact details for the finder to contact him should it be found.

This thing has been my good luck charm. I would use it quite often to show the surf and how fast you were going. It would even show you where you were on the beach…

…A huge wave came and you know I was loving it, rode it and then I pick up my arm and like ‘Oh My God,’ what just happened,

Robert Bainter toldĀ KTLA

Six months later and 3 miles away a man found the watch walking along the beach and call Robert to return it.

It worked fine, it didn’t skip a beat, all the information was there, all the apps were there…

…I’m a big Apple fan.

Robert Bainter toldĀ KTLA

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