Bendgate 2.0 – Does the new iPad Pro have a problem?


A Youtuber decides to break a brand new iPad. I am not sure what this proves except you shouldn’t apply significant force to your iPad in an attempt to break it as it just might break.

Bendgate was a real issue for the iPhone 6 with users that liked to store their iPhone in back pockets of skin tight jeans. The iPhone would become warped over time.

The iPad Pro is slightly larger and less likely to experience similar issues but is not immune to damage.

JerryRigEverything scratches the iPad all over with his scalpel before applying what looks like significant force to bend and break it apart.

MacRumors also reports that a few users have reported bent iPad Pros with one user reporting a weekend away in his backpack caused his iPad to bend.

Bent iPad Pro – Image Source: MacRumors

The squared off edges of the new iPad Pro offer less structural integrity than previous models.

The placement of microphone holes and charging connectors in the middle of the sides have also provided a perfect central weakness for the bending of the iPad in itsit’smiddle.

Will it be Bendgate 2.0? It is too early to tell but we are not yet convinced.

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