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Apple’s WWDC is just around the corner and will likely include unveiling of the newest version of iOS. The rumours of upcoming features in iOS 13 have started to leak out.

Dark Mode is coming to iOS!

Dark Mode has been a popular feature of macOS Mojave and now it is rumoured to be coming to iOS in the next version. iOS 13 will bring the long awaited system wide dark mode to iPhone and iPad.

The iOS apps that are ported to macOS including the upcoming Music and Podcasts apps.

How to enable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave.

iPad Multi-tasking updates

The iPad will be getting some new exclusive features with iOS 13. Apps will be able to support multiple windows. The windows will also be able to contain cards that can be attached to a part of the screen or be moved around freely.

iPad Undo feaatures

The current system wide undo is to shake your device while on lookers give you strange looks and hope that you don’t drop it.

iOS 13 will include an iPad undo / redo feature that will be initiated by placing three fingers on the keyboard and swiping left to undo or right to redo.

Mail App Updates

The upgraded Mail app will include new searchable categories so you can group your email into different categories. A Read Later option will also be added to create a list of messages to catch up on later. The update will also bring better integration options with 3rd party document apps.

And Many More

  • Safari on iPad will now request a desktop version of website so you will no longer be automatically relegated to a tiny iPhone version when using a larger iPad screen.
  • New font management options will be added to the settings app.
  • A redesigned Reminders app (which also appear on macOS).
  • A redesigned volume on screen indicator.
  • New gestures for advanced content selection.

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