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There’s something strange in your neighbourhood! New app using augmented reality & maps to allow you to find & catch ghosts in the real world. 

Ghostbusters World includes your favourite ghosts like Slimer & Stay Puft. Strap on your Proton Pack and ready the Cost Traps!

Ghostbusters World – Slimer

The game is similar to the blockbuster app Pokemon Go and allows you to catch ghosts in the real world using your camera and augmented reality or in a simulated environment.

Once you collect enough ghosts the game turns into turn-based battle game with a collections of bosses to battle against. The ghost your collect earlier on are important as they become your army to battle in story mode.

Ghostbusters World – iOS

Free – Offers In App Purchases

Ghostbusters World Launch Trailer

Ghostbusters World – Walk through

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