How do I create a Memoji video with a background?


iOS 12 brings Memoji which lets you create an Animoji of yourself. Let see how you create a Memoji video including your body & the background scene.

You can customise a cartoon character that will appear in your Animoji list and work just like the Animoji characters, following your facial movement.

Check out our guides on how to create your Memoji and how to share a recording of your Memoji. Today we will look at how to create a Memoji video including your body and the background environment.

How to create a Memoji Video or Photo

  1. Open Messages and tap  to start a new message
  2. Or go to an existing conversation.
  3. Tap the Camera icon  to jump to Camera app.  
  4. Swipe to select Video (or Photo if you would just like Memoji Photo).
  5. Tap ios12-messages-camera-effects-icon to bring up the Camera effects options.
  6. Tap the monkey face ios12-iphone-x-messages-camera-effects-animoji-iconios12-iphone-x-messages-camera-effects-animoji-icon to select the Memoji that you want to use.
  7. Swipe left to pick your Memoji.
  8. After you pick your Memoji, tap ios12-close-facetime-animoji-iconios12-close-facetime-animoji-icon in the bottom-right.
  9. Then look into your iPhone to prepare for the recording.
  10. Tap  to record and  to stop (or just the Camera button if you are taking a photo).
  11. Tap  to send the message or Done in the top left to return to the message.
  12. You do not need to send the message to keep the video. It is now saved in the Photos app and you can share it from there.

Source: Apple

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