How to enable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave


macOS Mojave includes Dark Mode and Dynamic Desktop which transform the desktop into a darkened colour scheme.

With dark mode you not only get a darkened dock and menu bar but a dark desktop, built-in Mac apps like Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar and Photos also include Dark Mode designs.

macOS Mojave also features a new Dynamic Desktop that automatically changes the desktop picture to match the time of day.

Here’s how to enable Dark Mode

  1. Click on the Apple logo on the Menu Bar

  2. Select System Preferences

  3. Select the General System Preference

    macOS Mojave Dark Mode System Preferences General

  4. In the Appearance section at the top select Dark

    And you are done!

What about the Dynamic Desktop?

  • Click on the Apple logo on the Menu Bar
  • Select System Preferences
  • Click on Desktop & Screen Saver
  • Under Dynamic Desktop select one of the two available desktops
  • At the top of the window make sure Dynamic is selected from the drop down menu

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