iPad Mini may get a bump after all


Ming-Chi Kuo has released a note advising he expects the iPad Mini to receive an update sometime this year.

The iPad mini was introduced in 2012 had not seen an update since 2015, except for a storage increase.

With the release of the new lower cost iPad this year the iPad mini was expected to be quietly discontinued.

The update is rumoured to include a processor and display update but will not be a major redesign like the rumoured iPad Pro and will not be switching to USB-C.

Kuo does not predict the iPad Mini 5 will be announced at next weeks There’s more in the making event but does expect it this year. It may indeed be released quietly with little fanfare.

iPad Mini 4 – Image by closari

The iPad Mini 4 is currently available with 128GB of storage with Wifi ($579) or Wifi + Cellular ($779).

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