iPod touch update expected this week


Apple seems to be on a product launch spree this week and its next move is rumoured to be a refreshed iPad touch.

This will be Apple’s 7th generation iPod Touch. The last version of the iPod touch was released a few years ago in July 2015. The iPad touch remains as the last available iPod with all other models being discontinued in 2017.

It is unclear if the new iPod touch would have many new features beyond the usual processor update. The device is mainly used by children of parents that don’t yet want to give their kids an iPhone.

It is promoted as a gaming device primarily but may be seeing an update to support Apple’s upcoming TV & Movie streaming service and it’s rumoured gaming service. Apple appears to be releasing all of its upcoming products before the “It’s show time” event next year.

iPod touch 6th generation

The current version is available in a 32GB model for A$299 or a 128GB model for A$449.

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