macOS Mojave new security & privacy features


macOS Mojave bought Dark Mode, new screen capture tools and 70+ new emojis but it is also included some nice new security and privacy enhancements.

Intelligent Tracking Protection

The updated version of Safari now limits how websites can fingerprint and track your activity.

Fingerprinting is when a website creates a profile about you which is usually shared with advertisers. Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Protection, also in iOS 12, limits the ability of advertisers to track you and display targeted ads across the websites you visit.

macOS Mojave Safari Privacy Settings

Safari has also enhanced its tracking protection so websites and cookies can’t follow you around as you surf the web, especially when they come along with like buttons, share buttons and comment forms.

Limit Ad Tracking – Security & Privacy – System Preferences

More Permission Requests

iOS has asked permission for Apps to access the Camera and Microphone and with Mojave macOS will also ask your permission.

The new MacBook Air & Pro with the T2 chips also disable the microphone completely when you close the lid.

Apps are sandboxed in macOS Mojave which means they only have access to limited parts of the computer operating system for security and privacy.

They will need to ask your permission to access parts of the operating system outside the sandbox like photos and accessibility features.

You can review which Apps have permission in the Security & Privacy System Preference.

Privacy Tab -Security & Privacy – System Preferences

Stronger Passwords

Safari macOS Mojave now suggests and stores strong passwords in Keychain when you create an account on a website.

Safari will also show a warning icon next to passwords that have been reused across multiple sites. It is recommended to use different passwords on different site so if one gets hacked the hacker won’t have access to all your accounts.

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