Most popular new emojis in iOS12


Emojipedia has released data on what they have found to be the most engaging emoji.

Over 70 new emoji were introduced in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. Emojipedia have looked at how popular they are based on their social media response.

The most engaging emoji were the new bald faces (????‍???? Woman: Bald / ????‍???? Man: Bald) with ???? Woozy Face coming in at a close second and ???? Smiling Face With 3 Hearts coming in at third. 

Top 10 New iOS 12 Emoji

  1. ????‍???? Woman: Bald / ????‍???? Man: Bald
  2. ???? Woozy Face 
  3. ???? Smiling Face With 3 Hearts
  4. ???? Foot
  5. ???? Pleading Face
  6. ???? Hot Face
  7. ???? Leg
  8.  ????‍???? Woman/Man: Curly Hair
  9. ???? Mango
  10. ????‍???? Woman/Man: Red Hair

The Woman: Bald emoji is being associated with existing slang “wig snatched” and predictably Woozy Face is being used to indicate that you are wasted.

The???? Leg emoji placed seventh with the discussion primarily focusing on the “weird” addition, as opposed to a particular expression of interest in its use.

The ???? Mango immediately took on a sexual nature joining a number of existing fruit and vegetable emoji. As Mangos are usually juicing in nature receiving a ???? Mango can  be interpreted as the sender thinking you are juicy.

Most Discussed New Emoji in iOS 12.1

Source: Emojipedia

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