New AirPods still coming in time for Xmas?


A new listing has been spotted for updated AirPods models that may indicated an imminent release.

The listing in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s regulatory database on was added on November 1, 2018.

The listing includes two model numbers A2031 and A2032 It is suspected that these correspond to a left AirPod and a right AirPod The new AirPods have both completed the Bluetooth Qualification Process. 

It is rumoured that the new AirPods will include Hey Siri functionality and better ambient noise management. Based on some other regulatory listings it is also suspected that there may be some health related features.

Also, when the original AirPods were released they were shown alongside a yet to be released wireless charging case. The case was designed to work with the, also unreleased, AirPower charging mat.

 AirPod charging case on AirPower announced but not released with iPhone X

It is hoped that the new AirPods will include the updated case and be launched alongside the AirPower charging mat.

Apple has removed references for the AirPower from the website but it was still referenced in the new iPhones still mention the AirPower in their packaging materials.

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