New Apple Product launches rumoured for March


Rumours are beginning to circulate about AirPods 2, iPad Mini 5, updated iPad and AirPower all being released in late March.

To facilitate the launch of the new products there are rumours of a launch event in mid to late March to unveil the updates. 2017 & 2018 both saw March iPad related events so this appears to line up with the new rumours.

The announced products are said to be available to order by the end of March.

Rumours about an iPad mini refresh and new iPad model began to circulate early this year but had no release date. The iPad mini is expected to receive mainly speed bumps with the new iPad receiving support for the Smart Keyboard.

The AirPower was announced back in 2017 at the iPhone X launch event and we were promised a launch in 2018, however, they failed to materialise. Rumours of the AirPower beginning production circulated recently.

AirPower Charging Mat with iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods with wireless charging case

The updated AirPods will reportedly include new health monitoring features, improved grip, include a wireless charging case and may be available in black.

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