October event rumours. It’s iPad & Mac time… maybe…


Rumours continue about a possible mid to late October event where Apple will likely launch updated iPads & maybe some Macs too.

What to expect?

The event will likely be held at Apple’s shiny new Steve Jobs Theatre.  New iPads are strongly rumoured with FaceID, no home button and bearing a strong resemblance to a ginormous iPhone X.

New iMacs are predicted but not as strongly as the iPad with the usual screen and spec bumps. A new professional Mac Mini is circulating on the rumour mill.

Some combination of a new “lower cost” MacBook / MacBook Air has been rumoured consistently for a few months.

What just might be included?

The long delayed AirPower charging mat announced last year is still being referenced in the latest iOS builds and may make an appearance.

There have been a couple of whispers about a new version of Apple’s AirPods in ear wireless headphones. Also some hints of lower priced version of the HomePod speaker.

Apple has also been know to quietly launch some products with just a press release around this time of year.

Image Source: Blake Patterson

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