Protect your iPhone with iOS 12


In iOS 12 Apple has improved security to block iPhone cracking tool GrayKey.

GrayKey is hardware device that was able to use a form of “brute forcing” to run through iPhone passwords to could unlock an iPhone in under 15 mins.

iOS 12 blocks GrayKey iPhone cracking
iOS 12 blocks GrayKey iPhone cracking

Forensic data experts have reported to Forbes magazine that they are no longer able to crack the passcodes of running iPhones using GreyKey.

With previous iOS releases it was able to break into your iPhone despite Apple’s best efforts. The company behind the tech, Grayshift, includes an ex-Apple security engineer amongst its founders and includes the US government agencies ICE & the Secret Service amongst its customers.

Apple released an update to iOS 11 that added a USB restricted mode to make the hack more difficult but Grayshift quickly announced that they had bypassed the security measure.

The GrayKey device is in use with law enforcement in multiple countries and could allegedly crack four digit passcodes in under 15 minutes.

Cover Image: Nick Amoscato

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