The new Macs have been spotted!


An update to regulatory data has identified what is anticipated to be 4 new Macs to be launched at Apples There’s more in the making event next week.

While new iPad Pros  with a USB-C connector are almost a certainty to be revealed at the October 31st event; hints at new Macs have been a lot less frequent.

A filing with Eurasian Economic Commission spotted by French website Consomac includes references to what is expected to be three desktop Macs and one MacBook.

The alleged desktop Mac model numbers A1993, A2115, and A2116 have not been seen before and are believed to represent two iMacs and a new Mac Mini. The model number A1932 is expected to be a new MacBook.

New iMac

The iMac is expected to get a spec updates without a major change to it’s design or features.

New Mac Mini

The Mac Mini hasn’t been update since October 2014 and is definitely due for an update. There have been some previous rumours of a new pro version of the Mac Mini

Mac Mini Concept – Apple User

New MacBook

A new 13 inch version of the MacBook is expected but at a lower price point than the current 12 inch version. It is expected to fit somewhere between he current MacBook Air and MacBook models and may replace one or both of them.

Image Source: The Apple Post

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